Who are We?

Always Ecofriendly

Always Naturally derived 

Always Cruelty-Free 

The Squeaky Green Company is an affordable, natural lifestyle company, offering luxury, ecofriendly and stylish items for your home and lifestyle. 


As an Eco-Business, we provide a greener alternative, helping to combat environmental change and damage caused by wastefulness and pollution.


Our little business stands for change! With an active approach to how we do things, The Squeaky Green Company aims to help our customers look after this beautiful planet. Offering natural lifestyle options is our way of making that difference.








Our Ethos 


We promise that our offerings will always be; 

Ecofriendly, Naturally Derived AND Cruelty-Free

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Postage and Packing

Here at The Squeaky Green Company, we only send our products out in eco-friendly packaging, that has either been recycled or made from a natural and biodegradable material. 

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