About Us

The Squeaky Green Company is  a UK based Natural Living Company founded in 2013. Designed with nature in mind, The Squeaky Green Company offers affordable, stylish items for ecofriendly living lovers, bohos, hipsters and all those nature loving individuals out there.  Being an eco-focused company, we care about the environment and treating all that inhabit it kindly. As such, all of our products will always be ecofriendly in some way and cruelty-free. 


Having started out as a University project in 2013, this little business has evolved from an all-in-one festival travel wash kit company into the lifestyle brand it is today. We believe that ensuring sustainability is now more important than ever. The Squeaky Green Company is our way of making a difference and encouraging everyday ecofriendly acts of kindness.  We want the enviornment to stay around, so we only sell, good to you and your green-footprint products.

We endeavor to ensure our products meet our
Green Standard Promise. This means our product offerings will always be; recyclable/ biodegradable, naturally derived as possible, not tested on animals and ethically sourced. We  UK
source/ manufacture products as much as possible to minimise the CO2 emission footprint left behind them and also source mindfully internationally.  


We strive to provide as many of products as possible that are vegan-friendly, organic, handmade, fair trade, hypoalergenic and nasty chemical free i.e. free from synthetic preservatives, parabens, SLS, mineral oils or silicones to name but a few. 




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