Rustic Natural Soy Essential Oil Jug Candle

Rustic Natural Soy Essential Oil Jug Candle


Our range of Natural Soy Rustic Candles have been carefully blended using only luxury, pure essential oils and natural plant waxes.


These candles are paraffin free and contain a cotton wick, making for a clean burning flame that does not circulate harmful, chemical filled toxins similar to those found in petrol emissions.


These candles also do not leave a black soot residue on walls, furniture and ceilings after burning like other generic candles!


These candles are home friendly!


These candles can be used to both create a relaxing atmosphere and as a massage oil.


All the ingredients in these candles are extremely rich and moisturising so a little will go a long way. The indulgent massage oils produced are ideal for rubbing into those dry skin areas to replenish and nourish the skin.


Using jojoba oil as a soothing base, which is very a tactile material it creates a luxury feeling oil when using these warming candles.


Great to unwinde with, have burning when in the bath or to gift to someone special.  Burn time: 30-45hours.


Natural flame, Natural scent - These candles will not emit an unhealthy, cancer-linked black flame like generic candles. 


Available in 4 different scents and oil blends, which can be used to aid different areas of massage.


Relaxing: A super relaxing blend of Sweet Fennel and Lavender with a fresh layer of Peppermint


Toning: Oils renowned for improving circulation and toning including the skin with Sweet Orange, Fennel, Geranium and Clary Sage.


Joints Ease: Essential oil blend that reaches those achey places including Rosemary, Ginger, Geranium and Clove Leaf oils.


Sensual: With exotic oils to excite and stimulate including Ylang Ylang, Sweet Orang and Patchouli which were traditionally used on Indonesian wedding beds.


Made with the finest natural blend of waxes and only pure essential oils.

So turn down the lights set the mood with some relaxing music.


Size of the candle: H:7 cm; D:7 cm; Weight  Approx 220g